Get rid of the
"How does this thing work?"
with your own low cost and effective

Today's equipment and tools have become more efficient and feature- rich but at the same time more complex, sophisticated and sometimes more dangerous, but still most users don't bother to properly read instructions or manuals.

Don't blame them, unless the user has a technical background, they find most manuals very tedious and hard to understand. This reluctance to properly utilize the manual can end up costing your company  extra expenses in warranty coverage, extra support time or even bodily injuries with potential for lawsuits.
We can provide a solution for you; we specialize in creating

  • Instructional Videos: videos created for different platforms for easy access from your PC or mobile device. They can be either longer videos to explain complete procedures or can be divided into smaller videos showing specific smaller tasks.

  • Diagrams: easy to read, understand and easy to manage diagrams that can be viewed remotely or downloaded to be printed locally.

  • Power Point Presentations: certain tasks are better presented and explained by using a power point presentation or similar medium.

  • Conversion of Power Point Presentations to video: If video is still your preference, Power Point Presentations can be transferred to video for your convenience.

  • Bilingual translations: When you want to insure that certain procedures are well understood, especially where safety is concerned, we can translate into Spanish or other languages by using subtitles or record voice directly in a foreign language. 

  • Animations: certain functions that are not visible on the outside or to the naked eye and can only be better explained by using animations.

  • Website modification: we can modify your existing website to provide easy access to all these multimedia tools.

  • Conversion of VHS tapes to Digital Video: if you already have tapes with still useable information, we can convert them to digital video format.

  • Combination of all the above: if necessary we can combine all these multimedia tools to create a more complex presentation.

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Phone:  908-316-0187
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